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4ta Calle Poniente #16a
Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez

(502) 7832 1075

BeachCo. Guatemala is a surf tour operator and surf shop located in Antigua Guatemala.

The surf tours specialise in surf trips and learn-to-surf adventures here in Guatemala and nearby El Salvador.

The surf shop ranges surfing and beach essentials such as swimwear, flip-flops, surfboards and accessories.


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El Paredon - Family Hotel


BeachCo. Guatemala offers hotel options in both Guatemala and El Salvador and there are price-points to suit all budgets.

The family hotel is the perfect little beach getaway located right on the beach in El Paredon.


The family hotel is the perfect little beach getaway located right on the beach in El Paredon. With a huge pool, lots of space and some of the best food options in all of El Paredon, you're going to love this place!


  • New - Opened mid-2015 so still new, developing and improving

  • Great facilities - Huge pool and modern furnished rooms

  • Amazing food - Excellent onsite restaurant with wood-fired pizzas, home baked bread and much more

  • Family and couple friendly - relaxed vibes and plenty of space to move / find privacy

  • Great value - Superb mix of quality with very fair prices

  • Daily Shuttle from Antigua - quick, easy, safe and an affordable way to get there

Key features of the hotel:

  • 4 * private suites (ideal for couples, a few friends, families with children)

  • Each suite has two double beds, a private bathroom and a fan

  • Huge Pool (one of the best in all of El Paredon - kid friendly too)

Suitable for:

  • Single Travelers / Couples / Small groups of friends

  • Families with children

  • Surfers (experienced and learn-to-surf)

Not Suitable for:

  • Party people

  • Backpackers on a budget

Price Ranges:


The most popular beach-break waves in Guatemala with endless peaks up and down the beach.

The waves break both left and right and can barrel on good days.

The wave is suitable for surfers of all levels:

  • For experienced surfers, It is best on peaky 3-6ft swells (chest high to overhead plus) with a shorter period (11 to 14 seconds).

  • For intermediate surfers, it is best on 2-4ft swells (waist to head high).

  • For learn-to-surf surfers, it is best on 2-4ft swells and lower tides (waist to head high).

We can offer you:

  • Learn-to-surf classes (one-on-one class with our experienced instructors)

  • Surfboard rentals (all types of boards for all levels)


El Paredon is close to Antigua and Guatemala City, only 2 hours away.

Our private shuttle leaves twice per day from Antigua (9.30am and 2pm) and we also have private transport options.