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4ta Calle Poniente #16a
Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez

(502) 7832 1075

BeachCo. Guatemala is a surf tour operator and surf shop located in Antigua Guatemala.

The surf tours specialise in surf trips and learn-to-surf adventures here in Guatemala and nearby El Salvador.

The surf shop ranges surfing and beach essentials such as swimwear, flip-flops, surfboards and accessories.



FOR SURFERS - El Paredon


Looking to surf great waves from your base in Antigua (or Guatemala City)?


The most popular beach-break waves in Guatemala - as good as beach breaks get anywhere with very little crowds!

The waves break both left and right and can barrel on good days.

It works on all tides and is suitable for experts, intermediates, beginners and learn to surf classes.

The wave is suitable for surfers of all levels:

  • For experienced surfers, It is best on peaky 3-6ft swells with a shorter period (11 to 14 seconds) - waves often barrel at mid-low tide

  • For intermediate surfers, it is best on 2-4ft swells - best at mid-high tides

  • For learn-to-surf surfers, it is best on 2-4ft swells - classes on low tide only

  • For non-surfers coming along, you can swim in the ocean and the pool at our hotel base


El Paredon is close to Antigua and Guatemala City, only 2 to 2.5 hours away.


We will base ourselves at our partner hotel right on the beach which is comfortable, modern, has a pool and bathrooms we can access as well as great food. Suitable for everyone - hard-core surfers, beginner surfers, non-surfers, couples, families and groups of friends.


Total tour time of 8-12 hours. Depart Antigua 4.45am-6am and be back in Antigua around 4-5pm.

We will collect you from your hotel in Antigua, arrive at the beach, surf all morning, have a late breakfast, another surf, lunch and then depart around 2-3pm to be back in Antigua around 4-5pm.


From Q360 / approx. $48 per person* (includes private transport, hotel access and breakfast / based on group of 5 people / Surfboard hire and learn to surf classes are extra).

Final package price depends on the size of your group and how many surfboard rentals / learn-to-surf classes you book.

Contact us as below for full pricing and package details.

How big is your group?
How many of you want to rent boards for the day? (price Q170 / approx. $22 per board rental)
How many of you want a learn to surf class (class is 1 hour and includes equipment and personal instruction - price Q170 / approx. $22 per class)
Where will your trip start and end
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